Viktor Derevianko

V.Derevianko     Viktor Derevianko, a distinguished Professor of Piano at the Tel Aviv University, is Well known as soloist and a chamber musician throughout the world.

    Mr. Derevianko studied piano with Professor Heinrich Neuhaus, who among his other students had such famous celebrated performers as S.Richter, E.Gilels and R.Lupu. He also studied chamber music with famous Maria Yudina, with whom he later recorded a Bartok Sonata for two pianos and percussions and Stravinsky's Double Concerto by Melodia Records.

    Prior to leaving the USSR in 1974, he established himself as much-honored Professor of Piano and Chamber Music at the Gnessin Music Institute and as noted chamber musician and a member of the VIDOM TRIO. He was active in this capacity throughout the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

V.Derevianko, Sotraund Speidel , N.Svetlanova , H.Neuhaus Jr ,International Piano Masterclass Tel-Hay, 1994     Today Mr.Derevianko has achieved a great recognition in the West performing as a solo recitalist and with renewed VIDOM TRIO in Israel, France, Italy, Austria, England, Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Spain, and Switzerland. In 1987-88 he performed a number of concerts in the U.S.A. and Canada, including the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center ( the American debut ) and the German Embassy in Washington, D.C., Which received very favorable reviews in the New York Times and the Washington Post.

V.Derevianko     In addition to his concert appearances, Mr. Derevianko arranges his busy schedule to allow time for playing at the most prestigious European music festivals, such as Bordeaux, Bonn, Witten, Leverkusen, England and Israel. His talent has also spilled over into other areas - records and life broadcasting performances. Since 1981, he recorded the series of Brahms workes for "Dischi Recordy": three piano sonatas, five piano/violin sonatas, six trios, which received great critocal acclaim. Nis record of Brahms C-major Sonata was chosen by Lufthansa for International flights between Europe and U.S.A.

    Mr.Derevianko equally committed to teaching as to performing. He conducted masrers classes at Maryland University and McGill University. Nis prise-winning students at Rubin Academy of Music in Israel are evidencing the uncompromising musikal and technical standards of Professor Derevianko.

...granitic solodity...the variety of color, the legato phrasing, the wealth of dynamic nuance and dramatic imtensity..."
Joseph Mcleiisn, Washington post, February 17, 1988

...has the bigness of sound and gesture we associate with the Russian school, but his playing is refreshihgly free of the leaden aggression that so often accompanies it.
His broad Romantic expressivity, in other words, rarely hurries, with relaxation and patience replacing the tense hard-sell of his younger colleagues."
N.Y.Times, February 27, 1988

..An artistic loveliness, high level of piano extremely rare poetic interpretation..."
Musical Life" Moscow

...his polished musical phrases, enormous dynamic range of sound stretched from the most delicate touch of Pianissimo to the dramatic tones of Fortissimo, perfect technique - a virtuoso of an European standard..."
"Yediot Achronot" Tel Aviv

...of the romantic trend"
"Al Hamishmar" Tel Aviv

"the harmonies acquired through Derevianko's hands - a wonderful plasticity."
"Kolner Stadt-Auszeiger" W.Germany

"...vivid artistic imagination and the highest level of pianistic culture..."
"Monza" Italy

...Derevianko possesses a phenomenal technique with an almost unbelievable lightness of touch."
"Basler Zeitung" Switzerland

...has a virtuoso's power and gesture."
WAZ Essen

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